We are a group of friends who were looking for non-alcoholic drink options instead of the sugary, artificially flavored ones usually available. We saw an opportunity to create a great spirit replacement, using the fabulous botanicals available here in Switzerland, with traditional distillation techniques and natural flavors, to deliver a taste experience without compromise.

We distill and bottle 9 MEADOWS right here in Switzerland in Zurich, using Swiss-sourced ingredients and clean Swiss water.


Depending on what country you are in, there are different definitions for what constitutes Alcohol-Free and Non-Alcoholic drinks.

In most of The EU (and Switzerland), and most of the World, Alcohol-Free is used to describe drinks with an alcohol content of up to 0.5% ABV (Alcohol by volume).

However, in the U.K. Alcohol-Free is used for drinks with less than 0.05%. Non-Alcoholic is used in the U.K. for drinks with 0.5% or less ABV.

Like most Non-Alcoholic / Alcohol-Free Spirits on the market, 9 MEADOWS does contain trace amounts of alcohol but always below 0.5% – this comes from the extraction process for our natural flavours that are used in our recipes, so we don’t claim to be 0.0% alcohol. When used with your favorite mixer, or in a tall cocktail, the level of alcohol is similar to a glass of orange juice.

We use only the finest Swiss fresh and dried botanicals, sourced from specific farmers to create our botanical distillate. We combine this distillate with natural flavours, creating a taste that truly delivers the “Flavour of the Alps”.

Because 9 MEADOWS doesn’t contain the alcohol that a normal spirit does (alcohol is a very good preservative), we also need to add a preservative, potassium sorbate. This is completely safe and is the most widely used preservative in the food industry and used by all non-alcoholic spirits producers to keep products shelf stable. We also add citric acid (made from fruits) as an acidifier (that increases the effectiveness of the preservative); again, widely used in the drinks industry, and completely safe. And we don’t add any sugar or artificial sweeteners, making 9 MEADOWS a low-calorie drink.

We hope that you like 9 MEADOWS so much that shelf life is not an issue! But since we use natural ingredients and there is no alcohol in 9 MEADOWS, like most foods, has a shelf life. Before opening, store in a cool cupboard, unopened for up to 18 months. Once opened, you can store it in the same cupboard or in the fridge for up to 3 months.

You may notice a slight sediment at the bottom of some bottles but don’t worry! Sometimes this occurs when the natural extracts and flavors that we use, bond together to form a fine sediment. If you give your bottle a good shake they should dissolve back into the liquid. Keeping the bottle correctly stored should avoid this, but reach out to us if it remains an issue.

We have crafted 3 unique tastes for 9 MEADOWS (with more to come!):

ALPINE SKY – A junipery distillate with lavender, blackcurrant, angelica, and aronia berry. A slight cooling aftertaste. Perfect mixed with your favorite tonic and lots of ice.

CITRUS FIELDS – Citrusy blend of lemon Balm, lemon thyme, and elderflower distillate. Lemon lime overtones with a hint of chamomile. A refreshing long drink with lots of ice and soda and a dash of your favorite citrus juice (we like grapefruit!)

MORNING FOREST – A herbaceous, aromatic “green” distillate with Swiss pine tips, orange mint, and a hint of cucumber and lemongrass. Taste the complexity of the forest when paired with ginger ale.

9 MEADOWS is designed to be mixed – when combined in a tall drink or in a mocktail, the complex flavors and botanical ingredients shine and open up! Please resist the temptation to sip directly out of the bottle!

A big part of our brand is sustainability. We source all our botanicals from farms and farmers who produce sustainably, our green bottle is made from 100% recycled glass, and of course, the bottle itself is recyclable. Our label is made from FSC (Forest sustainability council) certified paper, and we support the efforts of FREETHEBEES, a non-profit in Switzerland focused on protecting wild bees and their habitats.

Supply chains are long and complex, but we endeavor to only choose suppliers with solid green credentials and who share our views, values, and vision.