Discover the flavour of The Alps

Alpine Sky: Like a deep breath on a sunny alpine morning, notes of mountain juniper, Swiss aronia berry and cooling mint, invigorate your senses.

Bitter Grove: Sweet blood orange embraces bitter gentian root, as Timut pepper reveals spicy undertones. Rose petals impart a gentle sweetness, while bitter orange peel delivers the characteristic bite.

Morning Forest: The flavours of fresh rosemary, orange mint and handpicked Swiss pine tips, transports you an early morning walk through a high alpine forest.

Citrus Fields: Tangy lemon zest, citrus lemon balm, and Swiss elderflower remind us of the warmth of a summer day.

Summer Sunset: Lively, fruity notes of bitter orange and basil are accompanied by the sweetness of rhubarb, a hint of pink pepper, and fresh grapefruit accents.


free spirit drinkers 9meadows

9 MEADOWS. Created by responsible drinkers and trailblazers who care about what’s in our glasses and how it affects our tastebuds and our planet.

9 MEADOWS isn’t just an alternative to alcoholic spirits. We don’t taste like gin (or whiskey or vodka) because for that, well … there’s gin.

We are not there only to be consumed by the holder of the shortest straw, tonight’s driver, or the calorie counter & we aren’t the second-best option you can take when alcohol simply isn’t one.

We could tell you a story about our owners, our hand distilling process using zero sugar, the provenance of our botanicals sourced from small local Swiss farmers, our commitment to local economies & sustainability, even down to our recycled glass bottles. Who knows, that might interest you but who are we to preach?

But we like to think you care more about what you are drinking – exquisite flavour, how it makes you feel and its effects the night before, the morning after and on the planet we all inhabit.

So, let’s drink to that shall we?

New beginnings, new habits, and a new approach to enjoyment.

Because not all great moments need alcohol.


Farmer approved, Natural Ingredients

Our ingredients are carefully chosen to reflect the unique biodiversity of the Alpine region. We select sustainably farmed botanicals, directly from farmers we know, from 9 specific meadows, with quality that stands out.

And it’s not just the farmers we actively support; our label reflects our commitment to supporting the one thing that makes all these wonderful botanicals flourish, the bees!

Supporting Sustainbility

Bees are an integral part of the biodiversity of our planet, and also to our entire food chain. Their numbers are dwindling, and their habitats under threat. Through our cooperation with FREETHEBEES, a non-profit organization, we actively support protecting and helping bees to flourish in their natural habitats, ensuring they can continue to contribute to the survival of Mother Nature.

Our happy customers

9 Meadows has really delivered! Delivered on taste. Delivered on style. Delivered on sustainability. The Alpine Sky 9 Meadows is crisp, packed with botanical flavours and goes beautifully with tonic.
Alan Graham
Alan Graham
For the longest time I have looked for a satisfying alternative to spirits for making cocktails. And I have found that no-alcohol gin doesn’t do it (at least for me). 9 Meadows doesn’t pretend to be what it is not, but I think this is a totally new thing. You don’t really need alcohol to have a great drink. And 9 Meadows makes a fantastic mix drink that is fully satisfying and makes you want to come back for more. Fantastic Discovery!!!!!
Jan Stuebbe
Jan Stuebbe
We chose the Citrus Fields bottle and it was fantastic. We don’t tend to drink alcohol mid week and this is a perfect substitute. We created a ‘mountain breeze’ by adding cranberry juice, grapefruit juice and soda….delicious. Thoroughly recommended 👍
Jonathan Bartholomew
Jonathan Bartholomew
I have tried Alpine sky and Morning Forrest , and the taste of the botanicals are really adding a new dimension to mixers with out the mind-clouding alcohol. Excellent alternative to make sodas, juice more festive and still be levelheaded, responsible and healthy.
Pär Danielsson
Pär Danielsson
Amazing product, my Monday - Thursday evening drink! It tastes great and takes the edge off!
Ben James
Ben James
Die Geschmacksrichtung "Alpine Sky" ist mit Tonic gemischt mein alkoholfreier Lieblings Sommer Erfrischungs-Drink. Danke ans 9Meadows Team für die harte Arbeit. Freue mich auf die weiteren Geschmacksrichtungen.
Michael Lochner
Michael Lochner