Morning Forest

from Meadow 3

Early morning spring, walk through the forest – dew on the plants, maybe it rained, no noise apart from the birds as the forest wakes up. With flavours of fresh Swiss rosemary, orange mint and handpicked pine tips.

The perfect base for alcohol-free long drinks & cocktails.

Lemon grass
Orange mint
Pine sprouds

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Weight 1.615 kg


  • 700 ml bottle
  • non-alcoholic
  • finest selected botanicals
  • hand distillled in Switzerland
  • unique natural taste
  • no artficial flavours
  • no sugar, no sweetners = low calories
  • vegan


  • water
  • natural botanical distillate and extracts
  • natural flavors
  • preservative (potassium sorbate)
  • acid (citric acid)


Nutrition Information per 100g

Energy 7kj/2kcal

Fat 0g – of which saturated 0g

Carbohydrate 0g

Sugar  0g

Protein  0g

Salt 0g


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Lemon grass

Lemon grass

Taste: refreshingly lemony, somewhat bitter and woody

Scent: Lemon fragrance, but also carries a hint of roses and verbena. There are also sweet-balsamic notes, fresh floral tones and green-apple scents


Taste: lemony, intensely sour, fresh, flowery, waxy, resinous notes in the foreground, emphasis on bitter notes

Scent: floral-lemon, of citrus fruits and rose blossoms, of orange and somewhat sweet of dried fruit

Limes thrive primarily in the subtropical and tropical regions of the world, where the fruit is mostly used in place of the lemon.

Did you know that limes are also grown in Switzerland? Yes, really, in the canton of Vaud on Lake Geneva.



Taste: bitter, woody-minty, herbal, smoky

Scent: pine needles, wood notes with a hint of aniseed and eucalyptus

The scent of wormwood is very “popular” with bees and bumblebees in particular.
Wormwood was produced on a large scale in Europe from the 18th century. At that time, the large companies settled along the Alps, because only here could the required herbs be obtained in sufficient quality and quantity. At the height of the cocktail era in the 1920s, wormwood was finally established as a luxury drink.

Today, wormwood grows almost everywhere in Switzerland, but the highest proportion thrives in the canton of Valais.

Orange mint

Orange mint

Taste: fresh orange peel, cooling mint, tart, fruity

Scent: fine oranges, fruity, refreshing

The scent is not only popular with butterflies, but the plants are also frequently visited by wild bees and other pollinators.