Our Story

While hiking through the vibrant forests and meadows of Switzerland, rich with biodiversity and abundant with life, the genesis of an idea was created. How could we take the wonderful botanical bounty that the mountains and alpine region produces and create a product that would both reflect this unique place and deliver enjoyment and surprise to consumers.

A fruitless search for healthy options to our usual alcoholic drinks, along with many hikes in the hills and forests around Lake Zurich, crystallized the idea; to create an alcohol-free alternative, brimming with the flavors of the Alps, with botanicals sourced directly from farmers, and in tandem, support for the biodiversity that Switzerland is renowned for.

And so, the concept for 9 MEADOWS was born.


Driven by a passion to create something different in the non-alcoholic category, and inspired by Swiss nature, we have created a range of botanical spirit alternatives that surprise and delight. From unique flavors to traditional distillation

(right in the heart of Zurich), to a focus on craftsmanship, we truly believe we have created the best tasting non-alcoholic options for any occasion or moment. Because great moments don’t need alcohol.

The Team