Jungfrau Julep

Ingredients 60 ml Morning Forest 10 ml Simple syrup Soda water Rosemary and lemon for garnish Method Add Morning Forest, simple syrup into tall glass over ice Top with soda, stir to mix Add rosemary and lemon wedge to garnish

Forest Hugo

Ingredients 60 ml Morning Forest 10 ml Elderflower syrup 140 ml Alcohol-free prosecco Soda Lime wedge Fresh rosemary Fresh mint Method Gently scrunch the mint in your hands to lightly bruise it, then put in the bottom of a large wine goblet Pour over the elderflower cordial and Morning Forest and leave to infuse for … Read more

Morning Mojito

Transport yourself to the beaches with this alcohol-free pick me up! Ingredients 60 ml Morning Forest Ginger ale Brown sugar or simple syrup 1 quarter lime Fresh mint (your choice how much) Method Pour Morning Forest into shaker, add mint, brown sugar and 1 quartered lime Muddle until all mixed Add ice and shake Strain … Read more

Golden Sparkle

Ingredients 60 ml Citrus Fields 10 ml Lemon juice 100 ml Sparkling grape juice Dash of simple syrup Fresh mint to garnish Method Add Citrus Fields, lemon juice and simple syrup into short glass with ice Top up with non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice and stir to combine Garnish with fresh mint and slice of lemon