Ginger Farmer

Fresh from MEADOW 5 - Swiss organic ginger

Samuel Müller, walks between the waist-high plants, the dense jungle somewhat reminiscent of corn. Five months ago he planted the ginger, now it’s harvest time. Carefully, he sticks his spading fork next to a plant, lifts it out of the ground, roots and all, and holds a thick bundle of light-colored tubers in his hands. They are plump and bright yellow with pink spots.

The special thing about fresh ginger: it has no outer skin, no fibers and tastes fresher and more intense than storable ginger from Asia or South America.

Hi Samuel, what are actually the biggest challenges for farmers/agriculture as a whole these days and how do you approach the topic of sustainability?

“The biggest challenge is certainly working in and with nature, the weather and the climatic conditions to which we are exposed. In recent years, for example, heavy rain and severe thunderstorms had made cultivation difficult for us. Depending on the pest and disease pressure, this is also a challenge in organic cultivation.

As organic producers, we put a lot of effort into ensuring sustainable cultivation. In protected cultivation, for example, we have been heating the greenhouses with woodchip heating since 2006. Thus, we have reduced oil consumption to zero and work with a renewable resource. In addition, we operate a 1200m2 photovoltaic system and produce eco-electricity.”


And what are you particularly proud of as a Swiss farmer?

“Not proud, but happy that we can produce good and healthy food here on site, which our customers enjoy. We are also happy to be an employer for our employees and we are always trying out new things, whether in cultivation or in our farm kitchen and farm store, for example.”

What is your motivation?

“We strive every day to offer our customers high-quality and sustainably produced food. In the production and trade of food, food safety, quality, taste, seasonality, fair trade and product diversity have top priority. The BioSuisse Knospe guidelines and the federal regulations for organic agriculture are the legal and technical basis for our organic cultivation.

We specifically promote and use renewable energy from wood, sun and wind.

We work hand in hand with nature and respect creation and life as it meets us in people, animals and plants.”

The Müller family has a long tradition of vegetable growing in Steinmaur. Today, BioLand Agrarprodukte AG is a versatile agricultural business with various mainstays.

Cultivation of a wide range of fresh vegetables and specialties, in addition, two large flocks of sheep are kept biologically species-appropriate.

In the most impressive orchid house in Switzerland you can find unique plants in a beautiful ambience.

In the affiliated social work, young people are trained so that they can later gain a foothold in the first labor market.

The in-house farm store offers the best organic products and many farm specialties, depending on the season of course also the fresh organic ginger.

Just drop by – the Müller family is looking forward to your visit!

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